Ànimans – Espai Ceràmic

“La mano es la herramienta del alma” – (Miguel Hernández)
“Working with the hands satisfies a need of the soul” – (Thomas Moore)

Ànimans is a project of dissemination and training in the field of ceramics, born of the passion for ceramics, the need of the soul to work with their hands and the desire to share that passion with other people.

At Ànimans-Espai ceràmic we offer you a pleasant environment where you can explore the infinite possibilities of ceramics while letting your creativity flow with the mud.
You do not need previous knowledge, you will learn the techniques step by step from the beginning, at your own pace, the goal is to enjoy the practice. See Initiation Course to Ceramics.

In Ànimans we will also hold interesting Workshops about specific ceramic techniques.
Check the schedule# here or leave your email address and we will keep you informed. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

In Ànimans we have the desire to bring author pottery to the general public, so we offer a select sample of unique pieces that can be purchased.

> Virtual visit of Ànimans Espai Ceramic