“El bosc subjacent” Project

“El bosc subjacent” Project


I start my personal search moved by a special interest in volume and shape. The main inspirational sources stem from nature and the emotions themselves that in clay modeling with my hands find a goog channel through which they can come out.

The building technique of a ceramic body, mostly being made from the void, leads always to the creation of an inner space, something I find quite interesting and stimulating. Sometimes it can even become something mysterious, intuitively known but not completely shown. In an almost unconcious way this game or relation between the inner and the outer takes place in many of the pieces that I create.

This interest in those things that you can’t see at first glance or somehow hidden has been decisive when choosing the project’s subject that I’ve been developing during the last year. The unexpected transformation of a natural space that I used to know and the marginalization produced by the water, they induce me a series of reactions. The landscape’s face always hidden for me now brought new sensations that stimulated me for developing some work from that space. “El bosc subjacent” (“The underlying forest”, title of the project) refers, as I understand it, to the creation process itself of this work as it was also something hidden, but inside of me. It has come out through these creations, that could be understood as oneiric transformations or space invocations.