“Si” (Emergents)

“Si” (Emergents)


45 cm in diameter

Stoneware paper clay.

“Si” (standing for both meanings Bosom and Womb) arises as a continuation of these kind of forms that I had been creating, between the biological, the mineral and the imaginary worlds. Its title refers to the origin in terms of cavity, where life comes from: the mother’s womb, life bosom… According to greek mythology Gea (the Earth) is the universal mother. Forests, mountains, subterranean caverns, marine waters, the sky area, all of them were born in Earth’s womb.

As in Beats, here’s also the intention to create a dialogue between the interior and the exterior, in this case with an outer face that in some zones suddenly sinks inside making possible a thin stream of air and light to pass from one side to another through its thick skin.